General Overview

Kitty Komic 2 takes place 4 years after the end of Kitty Komic. The laid-back naive hero, Kei Hayami, is ready to head off to college with his friends Jen Shiratori and Aurora "Software" Warren. Ami Hara-Atachi, his best friend and ex-girlfriend, has to work for a while before she can go to college with them, though. Through college, their lives begin to change more than any of them imagined. They begin to see fewer things eye to eye, make new friends and romances, and be consumed with school work, as life takes them into adulthood at full throttle

Frequently Asked Questions

New Questions/Updated Answers

Q: How long is Kitty Komic 2 going to be?

A: Hard to say. The chapter count is still up in the air, although it's looking to be around 10 chapters right now

Q: How often do you update?

A: I aim for about 4 pages a week. Sometimes its more, sometimes its less, sometimes it's none for weeks. I'm bad at schedules :3

Q: How big is Kei's d- *TACKLED*

A: Oh, someone did my job for me. *wipes brow in relief*

Q: What is with Software's breasts?

A: Consider them like balloons. They inflate, they deflate... Ok that was a bad explaination, stfu, I'm trying to pound a consistent size into my head, but nothing I've tried works. I'm tryinggggggggggg

Q: What's after Kitty Komic 2? Is there going to be a Kitty Komic 3?

A: Nooooooo. No no no no. There are several comic ideas floating around in my head to succeed Kitty Komic, one of which I've released the script of, Corrupting Darkness, a story about a girl who becomes a half demon and sets off on a story of epic revenge and sword stuff. Another is "Celestial Grand Prix", about futuristic racing, and this guy gets into street racing to be able to afford his place with his grandpa, and soon gets into the grand prix and etc

Old Questions

Q: So, what's Kitty Komic 2? and Q: When's it coming out?

A: The sequel! November 1st, 2008! The section above is supposed to clarify that question T_T

Q: Can't you try to think of something other than "2"?

A: I want to ;_;. I'm just, really, really bad with titles. Besides, the chapter titles are what matter, and they speak for themselves, right?

Q: Your new drawing style is terrible!

A: Yes, thank you, sister of mine, for presenting a question that is not a question. Anyway, it's because it's a more realistic look than before. I think that it fits the story and atmosphere better than the old way I drew, because Kitty Komic 2 is all about real life stuff, just, it's not real. Besides, the eyes are still huge, isn't that good enough?

Q: So how long will this one be?

A: 5 chapters, although, these chapters will be much longer than the chapters in Kitty Komic 2 (But not as long as real manga arcs). My goal is to surpass the number I use for the archive link (Page 1337), and to do that, there needs to be over 200 pages a chapter, so, yeah, they're pretty long

Q: Are there new characters?

A: Many. Since I'm asked this quite often and they want a long answer, here's the new characters off the top of my head. Violet McKonelle, Nate Cole, Michelle Hunns, Miles Bellam, Sam Dach, Keith Rolan, Alisha Jones, Rebecca Relek, Ashley Cruss, and Andrew Illin

Q: Boobs?

A: We'll see

Q: Why'd you make it unrated?

A: Couple reasons. One, young adulthood is more often than not the craziest point in a person's life, because they can do almost anything in life, and can still rely on parents to bail them out if they get themselves in trouble (Mind you, not 100% of the time). They have free-er access to life's joyful sins (Sex and booze, mostly) than teenagers do, but don't have all the responsibilites of a full-fledges adult just yet. As such, to censor those would not only make it not as "real" as it could be, but it would really hurt the character development of some characters (*cough*Jen*cough*). Besides, I know that this 12 year old I know would not learn ANYTHING new from the story. Today's world really lets young peoples learn about the world's darker side earlier than usual, so I'd imagine if you feel offended, you're either way too young to be reading it, or you've lived a sheltered life

Q: Kitty Komic is too long. Do I have to read it to understand Kitty Komic 2? A: Yes, but because peoples ask this question so much, I've made a written summary of all of Kitty Komic, the link's at the top of the page

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