Recommended Comics

Better Days - Comic about Fisk and Lucy Black (Not for young audiences)
New Worlds - Comic about pirates and all that stuff (Not for young audiences)
Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures - Very long comic based around the game "Furcadia"
VG Cats - The famous comic about cats and games. I always laugh because it's updated so infrequently
SNAFU Comics - My favourite video game based comic. And it actually means it when it says "Updated Monday", unlike another comic I know (Points to the one above this)

Other sites

Phantom's Site - My host's and friend's site
My DeviantArt account - I use this like once every 6 months in a poor attempt to increase traffic to my site, or if something goes horribly wrong here (Which hasn't happened yet)
Newgrounds - Bestest Flash portal site on the net
Abandonia - A place to find lots of fun abandonware DOS games

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